Information overload?

Can you have too many recipes? As an inexperienced, self taught cook most of the things I cook/bake are other peoples recipes. I am always finding recipes and thinking “I must try that sometime” and yet I never get round to it or forget where I saw it. This no doubt has something to do with the huge (an forever growing!) number of recipes I find.

  • I watch a significant number of cooking programmes (Market Kitchen, Jamie Oliver, River cottage, Rachel Allen – to name just a few of my favorites I watch regularly),
  • I buy at least one monthly food magazine (sometimes 2),
  • I read the food section first in other magazines and newspapers,
  • I keep up with an ever growing list of food blogs and food related websites,
  • I have a constantly increasing shelf of cookbooks and regularly borrow cookbooks from my local library!

Is it any wonder I can’t keep up? I can’t help it though I just love cooking and reading and watching shows about it. For me reading recipe books/magazines is not just inspiring but also relaxing. From reading other food blogs I know I’m not strange (although a few people do seem to think it is).

So how do you all organise yours?

Now you see why I started a food blog! Today I have added a section to my blog to record recipes I want to try. I am also hoping that this blog will inspire me to keep trying new recipes and making sure I don’t fall in to the trap of rotating the same 7-10 recipes.

I am also adding a new feature this week of adding my meal plan for the following week. Mostly this is for my benefit as I always write a basic meal plan on the back of my shopping list so I know what I need to buy and my OH does the shopping and often loses the list. We shop on Thursday nights most weeks and by Monday I’m often struggling to remember what I had planned! Publishing my meal plan should also motivate me to include new ideas.


6 thoughts on “Information overload?

  1. You know…I am the same way…information overload (I never met a cookbook I didn’t like…or cooking show, magazine, blog…you get my drift)!! Glad to find your blog 🙂 Look forward to reading more.

  2. i’ve stopped buying magazines in an attempt to get back soem control and am trying to be more disciplined and not print out everything i find online!

  3. I’m trying to just stick to sainsbury’s magazine now and any ones I find online are going in my “recipes I want to try” links box on the left hand side of this blog and then only printing them when I want to cook them.

  4. lol. It's really good that you are learning from various sources. I mostly get my ideas from childhood foods, bloggers, food network, or friends. But I don't buy magazines much. I figure most of the same recipes are online. Cookbooks & mags are hard for me (unless it's dessert!) because I will only eat maybe 20% of recipes in the book and I feel it's a waste.

  5. Alyse – I do like to find recipes online too but I also like flicking through cookbooks and magazines. I think I actually prefer reading cookbooks to the internet. I do know what you mean about books though I get through lots of cookbooks through the library so I don't mind if I only like 20% of the recipes. Some I will go on to buy if I really enjoy them & want to try a lot of the recipes.

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