Watercress and Walnut pesto

Another seasonal recipe! This time using watercress.

This was a recipe in March 2009, Essentials, Magazine. I love traditional basil pesto but I’m keen to try experimenting with different herb and nut combinations this summer (planning to grow my own herbs again). This recipe caught my eye whilst flicking through this magazine. It is really simple to make (like all pesto’s) and although it doesn’t beat basil pesto, it is a very nice, fresh tasting pesto. Not only is it a great tasting, seasonal alternative to basil pesto, it is incredibly good for you. Watercress has more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach and more vitamin C than oranges!

I used some of mine to top some white fish fillets before grilling and there is twice as much again in the fridge for use over the next week or so. I’m thinking of using it with some pasta and feta or chicken or maybe just spread on some wholemeal toast.

Watercress and Walnut Pesto

(this is an adaption of the recipe from essentials)

In a food processor I whizzed 1 x 75g bag of watercress, 40g walnuts, 2 garlic cloves, 25g parmesan, a squeeze of lemon juice and enought extra virgin olive oil to form the correct consistency (the recipe in the mag used 1ooml but i didn’t bother measuring). Salt, pepper and sugar can be added to taste but I was happy with mine without. Spoon into a sterilised, airtight container, pour a layer of oil on top and store in the fridge for a couple of weeks.



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