A walk in the forest

Last weekend, one sunny morning we decided to get up and go for a walk in Macclesfield forest (on the cheshire/peak district boarder). Don’t worry this is a food related post! We found a really tasty stall in the Trentabank car park – Nice Nosh and I thought I would share this with you in case any one is in the area.

After a good walk through the forest, we were feeling in need of a well earned sit down and some good food. Nice Nosh fits the bill well. It is a refreshment stall open most weekends and bank holidays, run my a friendly man, himself a keen walker with good local knowledge. There is a good selection of hot and cold drinks and food. Most of the food is home made (including a delicious looking selecton of cakes) and many of the recipes have Peak District Cuisine marks showing that local products have been used in the recipe. Some items on the menu have also been awarded the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark showing that the business actively support good environmental practices in the Peak District National Park. A good example of this is the recylcling facilaties for the food packaging – the stall has bins right opposite and you are kindly asked to seperate your waste into the appropriate bins for recycling. There was also a good selection of leaflets available of peak district food and the places producing and/or selling it.
Povey’s (a Staffordshire brand) oatcakes were a big feature of the menu. Both hot and cold fillings were available for white, brown rolls or staffordshire oatcakes/ I had never heard of staffordshire oakcakes before and was struggling to imagine a sandwich made out of the scottish style oatcakes. However they turn out to be quite similar to pancakes (much better for containing stilton sauce with bacon!) but with added oatmeal.

The pictures show one of the ones we had but don’t really do it justice.

Click here for further details.


3 thoughts on “A walk in the forest

  1. we’re often out in the Peak District walking and will have to bear this place in mind. It sounds like a great place to refuel.

  2. Jules – Its nice if your in the area and after a light lunch but if your after more of a substantial meal in the area, their is a pub nearby that is supposed to be really good and again uses local food. http://www.leatherssmithy.co.uk Its on our list of places to try sometime!We’re often out in the peak district too but are new to the area so if there are any good places to visit/walk you’ll have to let me know. I discovered your blog a little while back – it’s really good – I’m a regular reader now!Springtime – Thats exactly what we thought too! We had a couple of nights in the lakes last autumn – nice walks and great food – I would like to do it again this year. Your blog is new to me but it looks great so will be adding it to my links later.Very nice to get some comments and find some good blogs in my local area – nice to meet you both.

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