Meal planner -March 27th

This last week has been a bit hectic at work (and next week is set to be worse) so we’re relying on simple nutritious meals. Unfortunately it has taken me a little longer than expected to post my chicken recipes but hopefully I will post the noodle soup recipe this afternoon. I have a well earned day off to, I’m planning to make the most of it. I have some soup on cooking for lunch (and for the freezer) and I’m planning to catch up on some of my favorite TV shows that I’m behind with, update the blog a bit and if I get time the ultimate indulgence of reading a book (for fun – rather than work/study) in the middle of the day. I have pretty stuck to last weeks meal planner

  • The homemade ravioli was a bit of a disaster – the filling was nice, the fresh pasta wasn’t the best I’ve made and it involved spending way too long in the kitchen both preparing and cleaning up after! I will be continuing to persevere with making fresh pasta but my hold off ravioli for a while!
  • The roast chicken was a success and there was enough leftovers for 2 main meals – lemon, pea and chicken risotto and chicken noodle soup – both delicious and on the list to be made again.
  • The balsamic courgettes were tasty as ever – another favorite, quick and nutritious pasta sauce.
  • frozen homemade lasagna was a real treat – reheated after a late night at work.
  • Slow braised leeks was served as a jacket potato topping for a change (it was still nice but my boyfriend felt is was messing with perfection – read not impressed!)
  • so salmon hot pot was pushed a side again!

So looking forward to the week ahead, another hectic week ahead so I will be cooking simple old favorites.

FridaySalmon Hot Pot
Saturday and Sunday – spending the weekend at my parents
Monday – Pasta with Ratatouille style sauce
Tuesday – Balsamic courgettes
Wednesday – Pizza – topping likely to be Parma ham and pineapple but could change on the day
Thursday – spaghetti bolognese


3 thoughts on “Meal planner -March 27th

  1. My stepdad loves making fresh pasta, and honestly I don’t see the wow factor that would make me want to slave away making homemade pasta–unless you are making like a spinach or sun dried tomato pasta. Otherwise store bought is sufficent for me.Theres a great show on food network, 15 minute meals with Robin Miller, she plans out a lot of her meals in the way you do. Maybe she might have something interesting?

  2. I’ve never tried to make homemade ravioli, but it sounds like it’d definitely be difficult for me… last week’s chicken and tonight’s Salmon Hot Pot sound great, though! And definitely indulge in a book, I haven’t had time for pleasure reading in a long while and I miss it a lot! You might want to check out springpad’s weekly meal planner – it’s a great way to organize your recipes and meals and I think you’d really like it!

  3. Alyse – I am new to making fresh pasta and other than finding the ravioli too fidly and time consuming I have enjoyed it – I would like to have a go at flavoured ones sometime but figure I should master the basics first. I have a recipe for spinach and seem to remember Jamie oliver doing beetroot but not heard of sun dried tomato. I haven’t heard of that particular show being shown in the uk. Rachel – Glad you like the sound of some of my dishes 🙂 I found time to read this afternoon – it felt very indulgent! I also caught up on some greys anatomy and brothers and sisters while doing the ironing! I took a quick look at spring pad and it sounds like a great idea. I may have a go with it sometime – just using the blog meal planner seems to be working for me at the moment. I’ve not seen other blogs including meal planner so I don’t imagine it is something people like to read but it is useful to me – maybe I’ll use something like spring pad instead.

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