Delicious ice cream!

It’s turning in to a quiet few weeks for update on my blog. Sorry about that, I haven’t given up on it though. It’s been a busy few weeks with too much work and studying to do, leaving very little time or energy to cook, never mind blog! We’ve mostly been eating meals from the freezer or reliable, quick favorites (think pasta bakes etc).

Easter weekend has been fun (work and study free!) but not much cooking has gone on in my kitchen. We ate out whilst shopping on Friday and the last two days we have been staying with family. On Saturday we went for a walk in the south Peak District (Dovedale) and consequently had a very lazy meal of pasta and sauce when we got home. We parked and started our walk from Dovedale car park and after our walk we rewarded ourselves with a well earned ice cream.

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Well apparently me when I was a toddler. I find this very hard to believe that any child can not like ice cream! And certainly not someone who loves it as much as me now!

In the car park at Dovedale there is a little wooden hut selling delicious, dairy made ice cream (made with local cream) in no less than 8 flavours and very reasonably priced too. The hardest part was choosing the flavour, Belgian chocolate or caramel toffee crunch? mint chocolate chip or rum and raisin?

All in all a great way to spend Easter Saturday – delicious ice cream, sunshine and a nice walk with stunning views.


3 thoughts on “Delicious ice cream!

  1. I recognised your photograph, Claire.We walked around there quite a bit when we stayed at Fenny Bentley for New Year in 2007.I’ve always liked the peak district.

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