Hen party cupcakes!

I’m heading off this afternoon for a weekend of girly fun. One of my friends from college is getting married in a few weeks so a group of us have hired a cottage in the peak district for the weekend. Its hopefully going to be lots of catching up, relaxing and girly fun. We were all asked to take some food along and I decided to use it as an excuse to bake! So yesterday I made 24 cupcakes/fairy cakes and a seeded/wholemeal loaf of bread and this morning I decorated the cakes. I had a slight mishap with the pink food colouring and now have pink/red fingers which I’m hoping will fade fast! I’ll let you know next week how the buns tasted/went down with the other hens! I’m a little disappointed with them, the cakes didn’t rise all that much and I found icing them harder than I imagined but I definitely noticed an improvement as I went along (the bright pink ones were the last ones I iced as I ran out of icing with only a few buns left). I half wish I’d made brownies which I have baked before and were delicious but I wanted to make something suitably girly!


2 thoughts on “Hen party cupcakes!

  1. They were a bit dense for my liking but they had a delicious vanilla flavour. Will use a different recipe next time I think.

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