Fresh from the oven – Focaccia

This months challenge is hosted by Brooke of Ed and Brooke and she chose focaccia. We could use any recipe we liked so I chose one from River Cottage Hnadbook No. 3 Bread. I decided to add some green olives to the top for a change along with the sea salt and olive oil. The result was very tasty but perhaps a little salty tasting due to the combination of the salt and the olives.

Focaccia is a favorite bread of mine. They are simple to make, yet look quiet impressive, they’re versitile, delicious and an ideal accompaniment to many meals. I have used this recipe once before and will definitely be continuing with this recipe. I would really recommend the River cottage Hnadbook Bread to anyone who makes their own bread (recipes are not for breadmakers, make by hand or in a mixer).


10 thoughts on “Fresh from the oven – Focaccia

  1. I've only done focaccia once and it was delicious although I was rather heavy handed with the salt. I must give it another go soon. I'm going to be joining Fresh from the Oven from next month so it'll be good to compare notes with every one.

  2. Thanks everyone. It did taste delicious. Goodshoeday – welcome to the group. I am hosting Augusts challenge so I hope you enjoy it.

  3. What a great idea to use green olives! So impressed with your bread. Great job!

  4. Hi Claire, found your blog through the local food advisor website, and just want to say that its a breathe of fresh air, it makes for a relaxing read. Keep up the great work here , and do keep the healthy recipes coming.

  5. Fresh from the oven – Thanks a lot :)Kang – thank you so much for taking the time to post that comment. It is always nice to get such positive feed back on my blog as a whole as well as the individual food entries/recipes.

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