Cook book review – The Jewish princess guide to fabulosity

You might be thinking this doesn’t sound like a recipe book and you’d be right. It’s sold as a guide to being fabulous for all princesses but it does have a collection of delicious recipes in every section. I don’t think this book is purely aimed at Jewish women either. The vast majority of the tips and articles relate to any woman, whatever her religion.I have to be honest this is not a book I would normally pick up in a book shop. I’ve never really read/bought any of these books that claim to be lifestyle guides for modern day women. However I’d heard good things about The Jewish princess cook books and knew this book also contained recipes so I volunteered to review the book. In the spirit of reviewing the book fairly I didn’t just read the recipes but also the guides and hints and tips.

The book is beautifully illustrated throughout in full colour and the authors style is fun and witty. There are chapters on fabulous families, shopping, travel, dating and self maintenance to name just a few of the chapters. Each chapter also has 5 recipes at the end of each chapter that some how relate to the chapter. For example the chapter on dating has recipes entitled “a fabulous dinner for two”. Recipes include chocolate fudge cake (which sounds divine), mousaka and roast maple duck. I tried out miso lime salmon at the weekend which was simple to make and flavourful.

In my opinion, if you like the lifestyle guide style of book you can’t go far wrong with this book. It is feminine, witty and beautifully illustrated and as an add bonus there are some simple, delicious recipes included.

Further information:
The Jewish princess guide to fabulosity, Tracy Fine & Georgie Tarn
Published by Quadrille publishing in 2009.
Hardback, full colour illustrations, 192 pages.
ISBN 13 978 184400754 7
Price £12.99
Available to buy now.

Thanks to Quadrille publishing for sending me a review copy of this book.


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