Leon book two – review

Leon book 2, Naturally fast food by Henry Dimbleby, and John Vincent.

The idea is simple – fast food that’s good for you. This is the same principle behind the succesful restaurant chain founded by Allegra McEvedy, Henry Dimbleby, and John Vincent. The book is quiet different to the majority of cookbooks on the market. It’s laid out in a scrapbook style with recipes and food photos but also family photos and stories.

The book is split into two sections – Fast food – recipes that can be cooked in 20 minutes or less and slow fast food – recipes that take longer to cook but can be prepared ahead. From the first section recipe that caught my eye include 3 ways with sweet potatoes, barbecued butterflied leg of lamb and rhubarb & Amoretti tart. From the second section I liked the idea of turkey Bolognese and pot roast chicken. I especially loved the sections at the front of the book on loving your larder and growing your own no matter the size of your garden. There is also a great little section on preserving and this has to be the first cookbook I own with a page of stickers!

Thank you to Octopus Books for my review copy of Leon Book 2 Naturally Fast Food.


2 thoughts on “Leon book two – review

  1. Can not wait to get my hands on this book … do you think you could put a good word in with Santa for me, apparently his sleigh is already weighed down with my cook book wish list lol

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