Sourdough starter day 2

It’s 24 hours since I started my sourdough starter so its time for its first feed. I was surprised to see that there were signs of early fermentation (small bubbles) appearing in my starter but don’t be surprised if yours hasn’t yet. River Cottage explain that the time it takes for fermentation to occur depends on many factors such as the temperature, type of bread flour, how much you stirred it and they type of yeast around.  I’m not going to write an update every day as the method for the rest of the week is the same as today. Here though is where different recipes vary. Some recommend throwing away half and feeding every day for a full 7 days to establish the starter and others to continue until signs of vigorous fermentation occurs (large bubbles in the starter) which could take up to a week or less. I’m going to feed mine for a week even if it has large bubbles earlier.

Day 2 – first feed

  • Simply throw away half your starter.
  • Replace it with half a cup of water and half a cup of white bread flour.
  • Stir well, cover loosely and return it to a warm place.

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