Baking the book – River Cottage Handbook No. 3 – Bread

This year I have decided to do something about my resolution to bake different types of bread. Inspired by Helen at Fuss free flavours who is currently baking her way through The Great British book of baking, I have decided to make more of an effort with the bread I bake by baking my way through my favorite bread book River Cottage Handbook No. 3 – Bread. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough to anyone who wants to bake their own bread by hand (this book is not for breadmakers though). It’s packed full of recipes (which from my own and others experience are reliable and straight forward) but more than that the first half of the book is dedicated to the equipment, ingredients and techniques of bread making. Don’t let this put you off bread baking, all this space is given to this information to show you just how simple baking your own bread is. There are lots of colour photographs included to really help you learn how to bake a good loaf. If you’re not sure whether to buy the book yet but want a bit more information about baking your own bread Them apples published an article this weekend on just how easy baking your own bread is and included information on the basic steps from the River Cottage Handbook. 

Of course I can’t share all the recipes from the book with you as I bake them but I will be sharing my experiences of baking these recipes and will where possible point you in the direction of similar recipes on the internet. I also plan to make more of an effort to bake Fresh from the oven challenges and share those recipes with you here.

For those of you who have no interest in bread baking I can reassure you that there will still be recipes for meals and other types of baking on purely food, this year as well as cookbook reviews.


8 thoughts on “Baking the book – River Cottage Handbook No. 3 – Bread

  1. I agree this is a fantastic book and its a great idea to bake your way through it. I’m thinking I should follow suit! How is the starter coming along?

    • I think the starter is ready, just waiting for a day when I have long enough to follow the recipe to make sourdough (lots of rising time). I did use some in a loaf I made last night (using dried yeast) as recommended by River cottage to add flavour to the bread.

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