Malted grain bread

This week I’ve baked a further 2 bread recipes from River cottage bread. First up I baked a malted grain loaf which is basically granary bread but it can only be called granary bread/flour if it is produced by Hovis. I have baked this bread several times before but this time I included a ladle of sourdough starter. To be honest thought I didn’t notice any difference in flavour but we love malted grain bread anyway. I was pleased with the finished loaf, especially as the slashes opened up better than they usually do. Malted grain bread is one of the easiest, most reliable breads for beginners to bake so the River cottage book says and this recipe has worked every time for me. So if I’ve convinced you to give it ago you can find the recipe here and it even includes a step by step video.

Update: I’ve now baked the malted and seeded loaf. It’s pretty much the same recipe as the malted grain loaf with the addition of 2 handfuls of seeds. The suggested seed mix is sunflower, pumpkin, linseed, sesame, poppy and a few fennel seeds. There’s no new picture since the loaf essentially looked the same. The bread was no more difficult to make than the original and tasted really nice. I will be baking this loaf again in the future both with and without the seed mix.

7 thoughts on “Malted grain bread

  1. Wonderful looking hearth bread.
    I have had good success with this bread handbook too, especially the malted-and-seeded loaf using toasted sunflower seeds.
    I like how the recipes let one “throw” in this and that, and a “ladle” of sourdough starter, which is great for keeping power.

    • I don’t think I’ve tried that recipe yet. I love this bread book, not had an unsuccesful loaf from it yet.
      I agree, the recipes are so adaptable, love all the ideas for variations.

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