Wholemeal spelt bread

It’s been a few weeks since I updated you on my bread making challenge. This has mainly been because I haven’t tried any new recipes. I have cooked pikelets a couple of times now but the loaves I’ve been baking for sandwiches have been ones I have already blogged about. Spelt flour has been on my shopping list for several weeks now but my fiance always came home without being able to find it. This weekend I found myself in the supermarket so decided to look for myself and came home with a bag of  wholemeal spelt flour (and a bag of rye flour too, so rye bread will be next).

Yesterday I baked a spelt bread recipe from The River Cottage handbook (find one similar here). The recipe noted that spelt bread can be dense and heavy but doesn’t need to be and suggested an extra 5 minutes kneading and to rise the loaf in a proving basket. I followed the advice and the resulting loaf was perfect. The texture was great, not too dense at all and the flavour was delicious with a slight nutty flavour. We eat a lot of granary and wholemeal bread anyway but the flavour of the spelt was even better. I can see spelt bread becoming a firm favorite in this house.

7 thoughts on “Wholemeal spelt bread

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  2. I need to get hold of some spelt flour again, I did manage to buy a bag at a food show but we then unfortunately had some flour invaders that meant a full clearout of the cupboard 😦

    The bread looks really tasty, will remember to give it a little extra kneading when I get around to it! I have the book you mention but still have not gotten around to baking anything from it!

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  5. Thank You for this info, I too bought some wholemeal spelt flour, but silly me didn’t research, and treated the same way I would ordinary bread flour, and strange thing occurred, I will try again using your hints, and look forward to enjoying a flavorsome loaf!!!

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