River cottage baking – bagels

It’s about time I did a bit of an update on the challenge I set myself to bake my way through the River Cottage Bread Handbook. I’ve haven’t given up but the variety of recipes I have being trying has slowed down a little. I guess it was inevitable really as there are only so many loaf recipes in there and the majority of bread I bake is loaves for sandwiches. The spelt loaf in particular gets baked quiet regularly now. I have also baked the pikelets a few times as well. I love being able to toast them straight from the freezer.

I did try a new recipe last week, bagels. Now I have made bagels before and wrote about them here. I liked that the recipe from River cottage didn’t include treacle in the poaching water (as I usually don’t have any in) but I didn’t like the flavour of the bread as much as the Rachel Allen recipe I usually use. I think that from now on I will follow the Rachel Allen recipe but not bother with the treacle in the poaching water and see how I get on.


2 thoughts on “River cottage baking – bagels

  1. I’ve always wanted to have a go at making bagels. Think I’ll follow your lead and try the Rachel Allen version when I next have some spare time at the weekend. I think you are very brave for having a stab at them!

    • We love bagels in this house. I don’t find them that hard to make. Just take that little bit longer due to the poaching but other than that they’re not any more complicated then any other yeast bread.

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