Our wedding in Tuscany

Since I wrote so much about planning our wedding in Tuscany and how it has kept me from blogging as much as previously, I thought it was only fair that I share some photos with you.

These first two photos above were taken by me on the morning of the wedding. The rest was taken by the very talented Domenico Costabile.

The food for the meal at the reception was fantastic (as was of the food we ate in our two weeks in Tuscany). I hope to post some photos of the meal sometime next week (of course I didn’t pick up my camera that evening but my sister-in-law very kindly became a food photographer for the night!). I also plan to write a post on the food in general during our trip and the special places we stayed/visited.


9 thoughts on “Our wedding in Tuscany

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations on your wedding day. I love the dress and flowers. I’m a huge fan of calla lilies and the way the two type of lilly overlap in the bouquet is beautiful.

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