Fresh from the oven, June challenge – a sandwich loaf

This month’s Fresh from the oven challenge was hosted by Jo from Jo’s kitchen. She chose a recipe for a sandwich loaf from the recent BBC TV series Great British food revival. I loved the show but never quiet got round to trying the recipe. After returning from Tuscany, without wedding planning taking up all my free time, this month’s challenge was the perfect way for me to jump back in to both blogging and baking bread. I just checked my archive and was surprised to find out that the last time I participated in a Fresh from the oven challenge was last September! I’ve still been enjoying running the group (with the lovely Michelle of Utterly scrummy food for families) but I just never seemed to find the time each month to participate. I love seeing all the fantastic breads everyone makes when putting together the round ups, it is very inspiring. I was pleased to find out this month that we have been featured on the channel 4 website in an article on the best bread blogs. A big thank you to all our members who take part each month. Clearly I’m not the only one who finds all your efforts inspiring.

Back to this month’s challenge. You can find the recipe here. I found the recipe very straight forward to follow. Although I found the dough quiet wet, using my kitchenaid mixer this was not a problem. I will be reading the other members post keen to find out if it was just mine and how those who knead by hand got on. The only adaption I made was that after about 20 minutes in the oven my loaf was looking brown enough for my liking so I cover it with tin foil for the rest of the baking time (but then I’m a bit fuss like that, my husband calls my toast warm bread as I like it fairly pale golden). We both loved the loaf, it made delicious sandwiches and toast. The only downside was that perhaps the bread was a little bit too sweet. As an occasional bread though I enjoyed it but if I was making this all the time for sandwiches I think we would get fed up of the sweetness. Having said that  I will definately be making this loaf again.

7 thoughts on “Fresh from the oven, June challenge – a sandwich loaf

  1. I found the dough quite wet but it was no problem in a Kitchenaid. It won’t become my ‘go-to’ easy white loaf probably due to the sweetness as you say. Not really robust enough for toast either. Very easy to make though. Glad to have an excuse to visit your blog as haven’t been here for a while. FFTO challenge is always fun.

    • Thanks Sally. The blog has been a bit neglected lately but I’m hoping that has all changed now. I have lots of ideas for posts. Next up hopefully will be the food of Tuscany.

  2. This was a great bake for the group this month, Hubby ate all of ours before I even got a look in which is alwys a good sign!
    PS – I like warm bread too – best way to have it ;0)

  3. I was delighted to see that FFTO had made the Channel 4 list of best baking bread blogs- a very well deserved mention! I too suspect this loaf will be an occasional bake, rather than a regular bake, but none the less very tasty! Looking forward very much to reading the food from Tuscany

  4. Well, I think this is definitely my “go-to” white loaf. The sweetness doesn’t bother me at all. I might try honey instead of the syrup, though.
    Wonderful news that we featured on the C4 site!
    Your loaf looks so tempting sitting there waiting to be sliced into.

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