Our Tuscan wedding feast

I’ve shown you the photos of our wedding in Tuscany already so today I’m going to show you the photos of our wedding feast. My sister-in-law was kind enough to be my food photographer for the evening. These photos are of the plates we were each served but along with them would be a big bowl of seconds for the table to share. There was so much food we had plenty left over for lunch the next day (when it tasted just as delicious). The wedding cake may not be what we are used to seeing in the UK/US but it tasted amazing which in my book is what counts. The sponge was so light and moist  (not like any cake I have eaten before) and there was a custard/cream layer with chocolate chips in it (and some type of alcohol). The cook for the night had bought the cake so wasn’t able to tell me much about it so I can’t tell you much more either but trust me it was good!

To start with we had Bresaola with rocket salad and Parmesan cheese, prosciutto with melon, Capri salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, Melanzane alla parmigiana – Aubergines baked with Parmesan cheese (not shown) and bruschetta with tomatoes. Next we had the primi courses which were lasagna and florentine-style crêpes with ricotta and spinach.

This was followed by two secondi courses. The first was a delicious salmon en croute style dish with a mixed salad.

This was followed with Tuscan style style roast loin of pork with roast potatoes.

The final course was a tradition style wedding cake and a tray of mini pastries.



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