Welsh rarebit and a cheese taste test

A few weeks back Cathederal city challenged me to taste test their new lighter mature cheddar with 30% less fat. As you all know I try to cook healthy meals most of the time so I was keen to give this cheese a try. I’ve eaten lower fat cheddar before and have not been impressed and therefore never bought them again. Along with having less taste I have also found that they usually don’t melt well and end up with a plastic texture. My husband was reluctant at first as he loves his cheese (the stronger the flavour, the better in his opinion) and calls reduce fat cheese “tasteless rubber”.

We tried the cheese straight from the packet but I also felt it was important to test out how well it melted. I was inspired to make Welsh rarebit after I saw this recipe on Katie’s cakes and bakes whilst putting together last months fresh from the oven round up. I used half the milk mixture with 100g full fat and half with 100g lighter cheddar. I’m pleased to report there was very little difference between the two after grilling.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the lighter cheese still melted beautifully and tasted very similar to the full fat cheddar. We struggled to tell the difference.

Unmelted they both had really good flavour and again I struggled to tell the difference between the two. The full fat cheese perhaps had that little bit more flavour but really if I was eating the lighter cheese and didn’t know it, I very much doubt I would notice or complain. My husband felt the same but he tends to prefer the extra mature cheddar when we buy pre-packed cheddar.

Thanks to Cathedral city and Rebecca at Haygarth PR for my samples of these two delicious cheeses. You have challenged the way we think about reduced fat cheese.


5 thoughts on “Welsh rarebit and a cheese taste test

    • I have to admit I was unsure which name to use as there are recipes for both! In the end I just went with the name from the recipe I followed. Mushrooms would be a good addition.

  1. I thought it was good too, but I am waiting to see if they bring a low fat version of the extra mature. That would be the one for me. I was impressed by the texture and how well it melted.

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