Adventures in sustainable fish

I’ve never really eaten enough fish. As a child the only fish I ate were fish fingers and tinned tuna. As a teenager salmon (but only if flaked into a tomato sauce for pasta) and prawns were added to the list. My husband loves fish and seafood so when we moved in together four years ago I started to try to cook and eat more fish. I discovered Rose Prince’s cookbooks last year and they really made me think about eating fish sustainably. I watched Hugh’s fish fight this January which only convinced me even more that I needed to try more varieties of fish.

Since then I have been making more of an effort to try more types of sustainable fish. Some fish I have liked and others not so much but I’ve tried them. I don’t enjoy white fish like cod/coley/pollack so much but I have had some success using coley in paella and fish soups (although I don’t like fennel so I am still trying to find the perfect recipe). I’ve discovered I like rainbow trout, fresh sardines (although I do get fed up of all the bones) and we have started eating more mackerel. We ate a lot of fresh mackerel last summer that my husband and his dad caught (read about it here and find a delicious recipe for mackerel with Asian spices). I’ve also been buying and using smoked mackerel (instead of smoked salmon) in risotto.

My husband and his dad off mackerel fishing, easter weekend 2011.

So my days of mindlessly throwing pre-packed salmon fillets in to the supermarket trolley may be behind me but as a result I don’t think we eat enough fish (not sure we did before either though). I would go as far as to say cooking fish is my biggest weakness in the kitchen but I’m determined to change that. This is the first in a series of posts on fish (including book and app reviews, recipes and a giveaway) that will be featured on this blog in the next week or so. Who knows perhaps this will even be the start of a regular monthly feature on fish, I know I need something to push me to cook more fish.

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