Bank holiday cake baking

Over the bank holiday weekend I baked 6 cakes. 7 if you count the one I dropped (but we don’t talk about that cake much). I can see the funny side now but trust me I didn’t then. I’d just baked and iced my third cake, I was half way there and ahead of schedule and within second there was my cake, upside down on the kitchen floor! (just days after feeling sorry for the poor man who did that on The Great British bake off). There is no photo I’m afraid, that cake was never going to be mentioned and I refused to photograph it. It would have been a great photo to include in this post but at the time I couldn’t even contemplate talking about the accident.

So why was I making myself spend two out of three days over the bank holiday weekend baking cakes? We were having a party on bank holiday monday to celebrate our wedding with all our family and friends who weren’t at our small wedding in Tuscany. My mum wanted the traditional wedding cake (fruit cake) so that everyone could go home with a piece wrapped up in a serviette. I wanted the excuse to bake and to have a variety of cakes so that there was something everyone liked. We didn’t have the traditional wedding (and this wasn’t a big traditional wedding reception, just close friends and family at my mum & dads house on a bank holiday afternoon) so we didn’t feel we had to follow tradition with the cake either.

I spent a few hours looking through my cookbooks, magazines and recipes torn out of magazines or pinned on the internet & saved for future use. I compiled a big shopping list (mostly butter, eggs, sugar and flour), considered how far in advance recipes could be baked and which cakes could be baked in the oven together. My lovely followers on twitter were very helpful with suggestions of simple cakes, egg free recipes (for a friend who can’t eat them) and what exactly Nigella meant by instant espresso powder. Slowly a plan was formed and the task of baking enough cake for 40-50 people didn’t look quiet so daunting.

The first think I baked were brownies and egg free ginger cake after work on friday as these cakes kept well. I have a separate post coming up with the brownie recipe for you soon. The ginger cake is from Fuss Free Flavours and can be found here. The cake was simple to bake and tasted fantastic, lots of flavour and a really nice texture. I’ll definitely be baking this cake again.

Next I made a coffee and walnut cake (sorry for the blurry photo but that’s the best I have) and the I can’t believe you made that chocolate cake. The coffee and walnut cake recipe is from Nigella’s last cookbook Kitchen and you can find my post on the I can’t believe you made that cake here.

Finally I baked a very simple lemon yogurt cake from Donna Hay and a white chocolate cake. The lemon cake was the cake I was slightly disappointed with. It looked a bit of a mess as some of the cake stuck to the grooves of the bundt mould and the texture was a bit dense for my likings. The white chocolate cake was my favorite (and I suspect a lot of other people’s at it went much quicker than the rest). I have a post planned with the recipe and more details about this delicious cake coming up soon.

Thank you to Dr. Oetker who kindly sent me a collection on their baking ingredients to try out whilst baking these cakes. Of course the baking powder was invaluable but I also really like the sprinkles. The citrus sprinkles used on the lemon cake gave a little extra zing to the cake and the white chocolate cake wouldn’t have looked as good without the polka dots. The fudge chunks tasted great on the rocky road brownies.


6 thoughts on “Bank holiday cake baking

    • We loved it. I’ll be making it again without the need for a special occasion. We had a lot of cake left over so I froze half that cake so it’s just waiting for an excuse to be eaten.

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