A week in my kitchen – veg box cooking

In case you wondering what I cooked with the products I received last week here is a quick round-up.The photos are just quick snapshots I’m afraid.First up was my take on mac and cheese with added romanesco cauliflower (still not sold on cauliflower I’m afraid).

Next up was a really delicious dish using the sweet peppers. In one of the many gift shops I browsed around I flicked through a copy of the new River cottage book Veg. A recipe for Chakcouka (a North African dish of eggs baked in a pepper ragu) caught my eye which I thought would work well with these sweet peppers. We both loved this dish which we ate with some flat breads, so much  so that we bought more sweet peppers this weekend to make it again.

I used the turnips, baby onions and some of the garlic and potatoes to make a classic beef stew one night. Perfect autumn food in my book.

The squash rather predcitable for me was used in a risotto but this time I added some cumin and also some chestnuts after seeing something similar in a magazine. This risotto was a little wetter than I usually make it but still delicious. I usually roast my squash first and think this makes all the difference.

Finally the parsley root was roasted along with some beetroot, carrots, parnips and red onions and served with couscous. We really enjoyed this meal. Parsley root tastes a bit like celery and although I didn’t dislike it I didn’t love it either (just as well as I’ve never seen it in the shops).


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