Hotel chocolat valentines day chocolates review

Can you believe it’s nearly february already? and with February almost here it means valentines day is not too far behind. Hotel chocolat have yet again got a fantastic looking selection of valentines day gifts with something for every budget. From the signature cabinet at £160 down to the valentines choco-o-gram at £4.50.

I was sent one of their mid price options to review. The sleekster love selection retails at £22 and contains 26 chocolates. There are 13 different chocolates in the box (2 of each flavour so perfect for sharing). As ever not only do the chocolates taste divine they look stunning too.

We really enjoyed there christmas sleekster collection so had high hopes for their valentines box. However when I read the description on the website which talks about fruity little numbers with blackcurrent and strawberry I was a little disappointed as I am not usually a fan of fruity chocolates.  I should have trusted Hotel chocolat more though as apart from the strawberry and black pepper one, I did enjoy the fruit flavours. In fact buck’s fizz (with a hint of orange flavour), raspberry rapture and blackcurrant truffles were some of my favorites in the box. Other flavours that stood out were the soft chilli carmel (with a serious chilli kick) and the vanilla truffle. My husband loved the Bison grass vodka chocolate and also the cherry bombe (he also enjoyed the strawberry and black pepper the only one I didn’t particularly enjoy). All in all a delicious box of chocolates.Thank you to Hotel chocolat for sending me The sleekster love selection for this review.


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