Hotel chocolat extra thick Easter egg review

With Easter just around the corner, you can’t help but have noticed the shops are full of Easter eggs. Hotel Chocolat kindly sent me one of their extra thick Easter eggs to review. I chose the rocky road to caramel as I love caramel and the rocky road half sounded good too.

As you can see it arrived beautifully packaged. Inside there are two Easter eggs halves each with a handful of chocolates nestled inside.

The eggs were indeed extra thick. The picture above is a bit deceptive as the eggs are not that thick all the way through. But I would say they are at least twice as thick as standard eggs and the extra thickness at the edges is an added bonus.

You can see the caramel egg above which consists of two layers of chocolate. The outer layer is caramel chocolate and the inner is 40% milk chocolate.Below you can see the rock road egg which is again 40% milk chocolate stuffed with puffer rice, chocolate chunks and biscuit pieces. I enjoyed both halves but my favorite was the caramel side. However for my husband it was the oposite way round. The chocolates inside were pralines and caramel based. They were all absolutly delicious as I have come to expect from Hotel Chocolat.

Overall we both loved this Easter egg and if money were no object (it retails at £26 which to me is definately the luxury end of the Easter egg market) this would without a doubt the Easter egg I would be giving this Easter. You can see Hotel Chocolat’s full range of Easter eggs here. There is something for every budget, from the much more affordable £5 right up to £70.

Thank you again to Hotel chocolat for sending me this egg to review.


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