Two greedy Italians DVD review

If like me you enjoy Italian food, you may have watched two greedy Italians when it was shown on the BBC last year. The new series is due to be shown this month and ahead of it the first series has been released on DVD today.I loved the series when I first watched it and I have enjoyed watching the DVD just as much. Two greedy Italians is about Italy, its culture and Italian food. Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio travel through Italy, revisiting areas from their childhood in Italy, exploring how the food culture has change. They share their passion for the food and the culture with us and make a great pair to watch.

The dvd comes with 4 recipe cards. This is just a small selection of the recipes from the series that can all be found in the cookbook that accompanies the series. I particularly like the look of the recipe for baked sardines and will be trying that one out soon.

You can order the dvd on amazon here.

Thank you to PPR publicity for my review copy of Two greedy Italians (DVD).

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