Meal planner -March 27th

This last week has been a bit hectic at work (and next week is set to be worse) so we’re relying on simple nutritious meals. Unfortunately it has taken me a little longer than expected to post my chicken recipes but hopefully I will post the noodle soup recipe this afternoon. I have a well earned day off to, I’m planning to make the most of it. I have some soup on cooking for lunch (and for the freezer) and I’m planning to catch up on some of my favorite TV shows that I’m behind with, update the blog a bit and if I get time the ultimate indulgence of reading a book (for fun – rather than work/study) in the middle of the day. I have pretty stuck to last weeks meal planner

  • The homemade ravioli was a bit of a disaster – the filling was nice, the fresh pasta wasn’t the best I’ve made and it involved spending way too long in the kitchen both preparing and cleaning up after! I will be continuing to persevere with making fresh pasta but my hold off ravioli for a while!
  • The roast chicken was a success and there was enough leftovers for 2 main meals – lemon, pea and chicken risotto and chicken noodle soup – both delicious and on the list to be made again.
  • The balsamic courgettes were tasty as ever – another favorite, quick and nutritious pasta sauce.
  • frozen homemade lasagna was a real treat – reheated after a late night at work.
  • Slow braised leeks was served as a jacket potato topping for a change (it was still nice but my boyfriend felt is was messing with perfection – read not impressed!)
  • so salmon hot pot was pushed a side again!

So looking forward to the week ahead, another hectic week ahead so I will be cooking simple old favorites.

FridaySalmon Hot Pot
Saturday and Sunday – spending the weekend at my parents
Monday – Pasta with Ratatouille style sauce
Tuesday – Balsamic courgettes
Wednesday – Pizza – topping likely to be Parma ham and pineapple but could change on the day
Thursday – spaghetti bolognese


Meal planner -March 20th

So how did the last weeks meal planner work out?

  • as usual MondayThursdays meals were swapped around depending on how the mood took me.
  • Some tasty portobello mushrooms found there way in to my shopping trolley last week and so on Monday in an effort to use up the left over mascarpone, I improvised and came up with a delicious pasta dish (maybe not as healthy as I normally cook but the mascarpone would have gone to waste otherwise and I hate waste).
  • Salmon hot pot was therefore omitted from last weeks meals and will hopefully be making an appearance this coming week.
  • The pizza topping was another good dish for using up left overs – Portobello mushroom, caramelised red onion and some roasted artichokes (the one in jars of oil) – a nice mix of flavours but not my favorite topping (Parma ham and nectarines at the moment).
  • The left over walnut and watercress pesto never made it to the pasta and feta dish. At the request of my boyfriend we spread it on white fish again – so much for variety!
  • Sunday lunch at my boyfriends parents was roast chicken with some new potatoes roasted with lemon wedges and sprigs of rosemary – I will be trying that out myself some soon day.
  • The Butternut squash, Gorgonzola and Pecan risotto was just as delicious comfort food as the first time – post now with updated, better quality picture.
  • Moroccan spicy egg, meatball and tomato tagine with flat breads on Saturday was a great success and I plan on blogging that recipe this weekend.

So on to this week –

Friday – Homemade walnut and Gorgonzola ravioli – a first for me so cross your fingers for me!
Saturday – Roast Chicken (I have a 2kg free range one sitting in the fridge and there is only the two of us! so will be sandwiches for a few days and sunday’s and possibly monday’s tea)
Sunday – Leftover chicken – risotto
Monday – Leftover chicken – depending on how much is left or Salmon hot pot
Tuesday – Balsamic courgettes with pasta
Wednesday – Homemade lasagna (frozen the other week)
ThursdayPasta with slow braised leeks

Meal planner – March 13th

Friday – Butternut squash, Gorgonzola and Pecan risotto (the purple sprouting broccoli pasta meant that this dish got moved to tonight).
Saturday – Moroccan spicy egg, meatball and tomato tagine with flat breads.
Sunday – Visiting family for Sunday lunch.
Monday – Pizza (topping to be decided on the day!).
Tuesday – Spaghetti Bolognese.
Wednesday – Pasta with Watercress and walnut pesto with feta.
Thursday – Salmon hot pot (or some other dish with fish).

Meal planner march 6th

Friday: Penne with Ratatouille style sauce (sauce made in big batch and defrosting as I type)
Out shopping so either eat out or something quick from the store cupboard
I’m planning on batch cooking a big pan of Ragu style sauce so either lasagne or cottage pie
Monday: Leek and Parma ham Tagliattelli
Pork stir fry
Walnut and Watercress Pesto either with pasta and feta or possibly on some white fish
Butternut squash, Gorgonzola and Pecan risotto

One of these dishes may change if we can get hold of some purple sprouting broccoli I want to try a pasta dish from Silver Nutmeg.