Chesters by the river, Ambleside

A couple of weeks ago we spent a long weekend in the Lake district to celebrate my 30th birthday. We stayed in a camping pod on the shores of lake Windermere (you can read more about it and see plenty of photos from the trip on my photography blog here, here and here). I’ve shared some of my favorite cafes and restaurants in Ambleside before (here) and we went back to a couple of them this time round and enjoyed them just as much as we remembered (Zeffirellis and The Glass house). We did try a couple of new cafes, one of which I really want to tell you all about (not that they need the publicity though as they were packed). The cafe is Chesters by the river which is located a short drive from the centre of Ambleside. It is owned by the same people as The drunken duck inn.

Chesters by the river is set in a beautiful location (as you might imagine from the name it is right by the river) and it is a fantastic cafe and beautiful gift shop selling lots of unique gifts (including some food related). There is a large outdoor seating area overlooking the river and plenty of seating indoors for when it rains (which being the Lake district happens a lot). It was a glorious sunny day when we visited so all the outside seats were taken. We weren’t too disappointed as inside the cafe is beautifully designed and laid out (perhaps a bit too pink and girly for my husbands taste!).

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Our Tuscan wedding feast

I’ve shown you the photos of our wedding in Tuscany already so today I’m going to show you the photos of our wedding feast. My sister-in-law was kind enough to be my food photographer for the evening. These photos are of the plates we were each served but along with them would be a big bowl of seconds for the table to share. There was so much food we had plenty left over for lunch the next day (when it tasted just as delicious). The wedding cake may not be what we are used to seeing in the UK/US but it tasted amazing which in my book is what counts. The sponge was so light and moist  (not like any cake I have eaten before) and there was a custard/cream layer with chocolate chips in it (and some type of alcohol). The cook for the night had bought the cake so wasn’t able to tell me much about it so I can’t tell you much more either but trust me it was good!

To start with we had Bresaola with rocket salad and Parmesan cheese, prosciutto with melon, Capri salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, Melanzane alla parmigiana РAubergines baked with Parmesan cheese (not shown) and bruschetta with tomatoes. Next we had the primi courses which were lasagna and florentine-style cr̻pes with ricotta and spinach.

This was followed by two secondi courses. The first was a delicious salmon en croute style dish with a mixed salad.

This was followed with Tuscan style style roast loin of pork with roast potatoes.

The final course was a tradition style wedding cake and a tray of mini pastries.


Our wedding in Tuscany

Since I wrote so much about planning our wedding in Tuscany and how it has kept me from blogging as much as previously, I thought it was only fair that I share some photos with you.

These first two photos above were taken by me on the morning of the wedding. The rest was taken by the very talented Domenico Costabile.

The food for the meal at the reception was fantastic (as was of the food we ate in our two weeks in Tuscany). I hope to post some photos of the meal sometime next week (of course I didn’t pick up my camera that evening but my sister-in-law very kindly became a food photographer for the night!). I also plan to write a post on the food in general during our trip and the special places we stayed/visited.

Short Break

I can’t believe it is 3 weeks since my last blog post! Don’t worry I haven’t given up on it. This month just seems to be flying by. It started with a good friends wedding back in Yorkshire the first weekend of July. Then the following weekend we went to Anglesey for 10 days (got back last night). So between working, catching up on the jobs and preparing for these trips the blogging had to be put to one side. I also had to miss this months Daring cooks challenge but hope to fit in the next one. I have yet to do my Daring bakers and Fresh from the oven challenges for this month due to be posted on the 27th and 28th respectively. I hope to get chance to do at least one of them but we’ll have to see how it goes as I have another wedding back in Yorkshire again this coming weekend.

I have quiet a few post ideas going round in my head that I hope to be able to type up before this sudden burst of inspiration escapes me. First there are a few foodie gems I discovered on Anglesey I want to share with you all. Then there are a couple of BBQ recipes I tried out whilst away and news of my first (very modest) harvest from my veg garden! I also have a post to share with you coming up about Able and Cole’s summer range.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Anglesey: