Cheshire & Manchester food events

Recently I have heard about a few fantastic sounding food events in my area after they have happened. It started me thinking about starting a monthly feature on my blog highlighting food and drink events happening in Manchester and Cheshire. I figured I’d get to find about events that I might like to visit but not only that I haven’t seen anywhere else on the web that pulls together in one place the different food and drink events in the North west so it might help some of my readers too. A food blog I follow does a monthly round up of food events for Cornwall (Jam and clotted cream) and no doubt there is something similar for London but I strongly believe there is an equally good food and drink scene here in the North that should be celebrated.

If you know of any food and drink events in Cheshire or Manchester (I’m starting small with the areas easily accessible to me but who knows it might spread to highlight events anywhere in the North west or even Yorkshire) feel free to contact me at purelyfood AT

Below are the links to my posts on food events in Cheshire and Manchester:

November and December 2011

October 2011

September 2011

August 2011

July 2011

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