Egg fried rice with char sui pork recipe

I’m the first to admit that I cook too many risotto and pasta dishes especially during the week, as they are so simple and I know I like them. Every now and then I decide it’s time to try something new and this was one such week. I still like to cook simple, quick and healthy meals most of the time and this week I decided to go down the Chinese food route. I got a copy of Ching’s fast food (Ching-he Haung) for christmas and decided it was about time I tried cooking something from it.

We have an electric ceramic hob which are not suitable for cooking with a wok unfortunately. This has always been my excuse for not cooking Chinese food before (my husband loves his Chinese take aways and has been trying to get me to recreate some of his favorite dishes at home for years). Both the char siu pork and the egg fried rice recipe can be cooked at home without a wok. I cooked the egg fried rice in a frying pan and we had no complaints so don’t let not having a wok or a hob suitable for wok cooking put you off making your own egg fried rice any longer. Continue reading