Pieminister cookbook review & giveaway

I’m a great believer in healthy eating but I also believe that balance diet should include treats and less healthy options. It’s not about what you eat in a day but what you eat in a week. Life would be very boring/difficult if we didn’t indulge in the occasional treat etc. With this concept in mind I took up the offer to review the first cookbook from pieminister. If you are going to indulge then it should be enjoyable. Have you ever ordered a cakeĀ  or desert as a treat, only to be disappointed by the lack of flavour? I have (but thankfully not very often). So if I’m going to make a pie who better to trust than Pieminister who have been baking and selling award winning pies since 2003. Their pies are sold at festivals, from their Pieminister cafes and in the best delis, farmers markets and pubs as well as nationwide mail order from their website & in some supermarkets nationwide.

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